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Stove Lite, the World's first lantern powered by the heat of a wood stove will be available via Kickstarter on October 15th.



Devil Watt officially releases new TEG Power Water Cooled Thermoelectric Generator systems through Tegmart.


Tegulator releases new energy harvesting TEG Power modules via Tegmart.

Potential for Thermoelectric Generators TEG Power

Globally, each year we waste as much as 60 quadrillion BTUs of heat energy. Even though the lion's share of that loss is "a thermodynamically necessary feature of the steam-electric cycle," its magnitude equates to more than double the amount of electricity sold yearly by U.S. companies.


It's time to focus on reclaiming waste heat, and converting it back to electricity, using Thermoelectric Generator systems.

Call or email us now for all your Thermoelectric Generator TEG Power needs. Our US based manufacturing facility located in Randolph, VT is currently equipped to handle large volume manufacturing. We take great pride knowing that our products are MADE IN THE USA!

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