TEGPRO Thermoelectric Generator Company

Mission: "To globally revolutionize innovation in Thermoelectric Power Generation, while exceeding customer expectations."

Haling from our R & D and manufacturing facility Randolph, Vermont, TEGpro: The TEG Power Thermoelectric Generator Experts deliver high performance Thermoelectric Generator products, locally and globally.

TEGpro has the manufacturing capacity, experience and resources to produce high volume products, while at the same time building custom high quality prototypes and one-offs. We welcome the opportunity to pursue a long term relationship with your company and ensure the success of your Thermoelectric Generator products.

TEGpro is a leader in the development and of Thermoelectric Generators. TEGpro, a division of LEDdynamics, Inc., has over 13 years of expertise in thermodynamics, which is quickly solidifying our place in the world as one of the leading Thermoelectric Generator product companies.

For more information on TEG Power visit www.tegpower.com