A thermoelectric generator (TEG) is a device that converts moving heat into usable electricity.  

Thermoelectric Generators consist of of one of more TEG modules which are coupled to a heat source on one side, and a cooling source on the other.  As heat flows from one side to the other, power is created between two electrodes.  This is known as the Seebeck effect.  The amount of power the thermoelectric generator creates varies according to the temperature delta (difference between the two sides) and the properties of the module.

In most cases, the electricity output by this TEG module must be converted for use in appliances, electronic devices, etc.  This is done using a Energy Harvesting Module such as a Tegulator™.  A well optimized driver will convert the electricity for the desired application with very little loss.

Thermoelectric Generator Types

There are several different types of thermoelectric generators: fossil fuel (propane, oil, and other fuels), solar powered, and nuclear power.  Currently Wood Stove Thermoelectric Generators such as the Devil Watt Water Cooled systems are very popular as they can move hot water to heat remote areas of a house/cabin and also generate electricity.

TEG Modules

Tegpro currently offers a large array of TEG Modules with various matched load voltages and power outputs. Tegpro's standard TEG modules can handle temperatures of up to 400 C for short periods of time, and up to 330 C continuous. Tegpro will soon be releasing TEG modules that can handle up to 500 C. For more information please visit Tegmart.

TEGpro: Thermoelectric Generator Experts

TEGpro designs, manufactures, and sells thermoelectric generators for use in many applications. We also can assist you with your design and manufacture an entire generator or provide Energy Harvesting Modules and TEG Modules.