Thermoelectric Generator Design Services

TEGpro TEG Power Experts Engineering and Manufacturing

TEGpro is fully staffed, and boasts over 9,000 square feet of manufacturing and R&D space to design your OEM thermoelectric generator TEG Power products. Our products are engineered and manufactured at our headquarters in Randolph, Vermont.  We create jobs in the local economy and source parts and services from local companies first.  We believe our commitment to a domestic corporate infrastructure better serves our clients, ensures a high level quality for our products, and helps to keep our local economy vibrant and healthy.

As experts in the TEG Power Thermoelectric Generator industry, you should expect nothing less than excellent service by a highly trained technical staff with industry knowledge. Could you expect the same from corporate giants with outsourced technical support? Our clients receive expert solutions and friendly technical support directly from our engineering staff located in our Vermont facility.

TEG Power Custom Solutions

TEGpro TEG Power Engineering and Manufacturing offers custom engineering and manufacturing services when a project requires special form, fit or function not found in off-the-shelf components. Our team of engineers can help you with any custom integration needs. TEGpro is ready to assist you with TEG Power thermoelectric generator product development, product design, electronics, thermal management analysis, prototype development, failure analysis, and custom manufacturing.

Give us a call at 802-728-4533 or use the contact form to discuss your TEG Power application. We can provide you with a quote and turnaround for a custom project or just some simple advice. 

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