Tegpro Thermoelectric Generator Products

Over the last few years, TEGpro has created several innovative products related to thermoelectric power generation or TEG Power. We now offer both air & water cooled thermoelectric generator systems, innovations in automotive technology, micropower sources for industrial and defense industry, and remote recharging devices for cell phones and computers. 

Our product lines include:

Tegulator™: Energy Harvesting Modules, Battery chargers, Fan & Pump controllers and regulators available at TegmartThermoelectric Energy Harvester

Devil Watt™: Hydronic Thermoelectric Generators for Waste Heat Recovery, Wood Stove & Propane Stoves. Generate thermoelectric power while heating hot water for radiant zones, baseboard heaters, radiators etc.  These units can be purchased at TegmartHydronic Wood Stove Thermoelectric Generator

Stove Lite™: Wood Stove Powered Lantern and USB Device Charging Station is available now at Tegmart

Stove Lite Thermoelectric Wood Stove Lantern

Tegpro™: High Temperature Teg Modules & Thermoelectric Generator Modules & 

Looking to convert heat to electricity using a thermoelectric generator? Whether you're working with sources that are running at high or low temperatures, Tegpro thermoelectric modules are great for powering a mulititude of electrical devices. Recently we reduced the costs of our thermoelectric modules were able to pass the savings on the you. These modules are available at Tegmart.

Tegpro Teg Module